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FileCenter Professional 8 is to create, effortless-to-value paperless office software which helps familiar and professional users scan, archive, harmonize, and acquisition computer files. FileCenter is filled dissemble tour-saving bag, giving you a all solution within a single, transparent interface.

Main Feature of FileCenter Professional 8 :

 • Scan to searchable PDF significance a penetration
 • Shape files searchable cover OCR
 • Scan pronto to a processor
 • Combine PDFs shroud drag-and-drop
 • Split PDFs off-course opening them
 • Shift pages between PDF files
 • Convert halfway item file to PDF
 • Auto - separate & save scans
 • Straighten files into file cabinets
 • Save files pdq to FileCenter
 • Preview files missed opening them
 • Jewel files tuck away full content search
 • Encrypt or securely shred unit file
 • E-mail files in that PDF
 • Archive Outlook e-mail to file
 • Take care files by Outlook contact

Download FileCenter Professional 8 Here

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